Facebook Ads and Messenger Marketing for 

Medi-Spa Client Loyalty and Passive Revenue

Three reasons why Facebook Ads in combination with Messenger is a great sustainable marketing solution for local and multi-location medi-spas.

Better than

  • A significantly better open rate than traditional email
  • More media types to engage with without leaving Messenger (ie, video, gifs, forms, quizzes, shopping)
  • The ability to speak and answer questions live with inquiries or clientele


  • Engagement created within Messenger Facebook Ads decreases Facebook Adspend
  • The ability to highly target and segment retargeting audiences increases the relevancy scores of an ad thus decreasing its cost 
  • Passive income pays for the adspend plus profit


  • Nurture a highly customized experience of content for each client
  • Learn and nurture client needs and desires.
  • Make it easy for clients to purchase and share gift cards and other products


The below video is probably the clearest explanation of the power of Messenger bots and advertising I've seen from writer Ben Angel of Entrepreneur Magazine. I couldn't have said it better myself. 

But I, of course, will explain it in context of Medi-spas during our 30 min strategy session.

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